Who We Are

Juicy Development, LLC is a privately owned mobile platform software development, publishing, and marketing company. Founded in 2008, we specialize in database driven mobile solutions for iOS and Android. We love creating applications that incorporate excellent design, powerful backend systems, and an excellent end-user experience. Don't believe us? Check out our apps and see for yourself!

Have a sweet idea?

Our availability for contract work varies, so feel free to Contact Us and we can help talk through your idea and connect you with some other developers we know and love.

Our Philosophy

You may have noticed we're a little different around here and, if you did, you're right! What makes us different is that we think other software companies take themselves and their software too seriously and, consequently, their projects tend to come out a little on the serious side. We think software should be fun, functional, and make your mouth water when you use it. It should be, well, juicy! That's really what we're about here - mixing great ideas with great talent and the zest of great design.

We're also big believers in connecting with people who use our software: you! We like to put a spin on this by getting you involved in what we make. Why should we have all the fun? Click through to our contact page and send us your thoughts. Love what we have? Want to suggest something? Think we should go back to our juice stand? Let us know - especially if it's an idea for a new project.